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Focusing on helping clients make smart decisions with their money

Often times, when financial advisors are beginning their careers, they are encouraged to come up with a quick way to explain to others what exactly they do for a living. The goal is to arrive at something simple that is easy to understand and even easier to remember. This phrase is frequently referred to as an "elevator speech." Well, coming up with an elevator speech is harder than it seems.

However, the phrase that Clearfocus Wealth Advisors is based upon came from Marc's oldest daughter while she was in high school. She said that she really didn't understand what he did for a living, so she just told her friends that "my dad helps people make smart decisions with their money." That is what drives every decision we make at Clearfocus Wealth.

Not every recommendation we make to our clients creates wealth for them. What we do focus on is making the best, or "smartest," decisions we can with the information and resources we have in our toolbox. We take time to listen to our  clients to understand their dreams, visions and needs. By combining what we have in our toolbox with the information our clients provide to us, we are able to build plans and portfolios that we believe will best fit their needs.

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